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Permalink anonymously submitted “I ship Daken and Garmr”
Permalink anonymously submitted “I feel bad for Phil. When his boyfriend isn’t amnesiac, he hosts a symbiote. When that gets retconned, he becomes a vampire. The guy can’t ever catch a break.”
Permalink anonymousle submitted “If Tasha and Bucky had a kid, it would be the most attractive person. Ever. We all know Scarlet Johansson is living perfection, but I caught the latest episode of Political Animals on DVR. Sebastian Stan. Unf. Dem abs. Dat ass. It’s delectable. I bet Natasha fucks Bucky with a strap-on every chance she gets. And I’m sure Bucky loves it.”
Permalink anonymously submitted “every member of this group is DUCKING G HALLATIOUS”
Permalink anonymously submitted “I love IC drama so much”
Permalink anonymously submitted “MOCHAEL RERD IS KEWL”



I hope everyone is enjoying the confessions just as much I am, and I’ve recently gained some followers that are not a part of the roleplay that this confessions blog is centered around. I do enjoy the whole Marvel Universe confessions, and I do not have a problem with receiving any of those and publishing them. But, I would like to endorse the group that started this whole confession blog, because without them, this blog would not exist.


They are looking for quite a few people to join their ranks as various heroes, villains, mutants, humans, and everything in between. They are a very welcoming group and have an out of character Skype chat where they discuss life, plot, and other general things, along with becoming friends. They have become a family, and would love to have you join them, so if you’re interested in roleplaying someone from the Marvel Universe, head on over to their page and see which characters are open! They’d love to hear from you! Thank you!


Attention, doves!


Our dear sweet sassy Putri (AKA Loki Odinson Laufeyson) has asked for help for her friends. And as we are all a family, we help each other. Putri’s friends are putting together a web show and are in need of some small donations. They have reached 75% of their $20,000 goal with twelve days remaining. Here are their sites:

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And please, even if you can’t help personally, a reblog to your followers is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, my dear ones.


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"I ship Toxin and Peter and I feel bad about it"
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"I love the fact that instead of moping over Kurt, Alison baked cookies with Layla, took care of Quentin and Victor, and played with Peter. That being said I’ll miss them together."